meet us

Meet Miss buttons...

Miss Smut Buttons is an adult industry alumna, who worked her way up from lowly splooge mopper to empress of the internet.

She has worked in brothels, strip clubs, porn studios and sex toy stores. She's worked with magazines, political parties and lobby groups. Her friends, mentors and advisors include sex workers, chemists, sex therapists and doctors.  

In the midst of all of this she still managed to find time to have several nervous breakdowns and psychotic episodes. She is committed to a life that includes depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder purely so she can provide a better insight on the intersection of mental health and sexual relations. 

And after hobnobbing with all the sexiest kids in the Australian Adult Industry (and visiting all the nicest mental health facilities) all she wants to do now is sit down with a cup of tea and a crumpet and tell you some stories.

Meet Nurse Muffin...

Nurse Muffin has a long and illustrious history with not just Miss Smut Buttons, but smut (and buttons) in general. An experienced lover, and an even more experienced Nurse, Ms Muffin RN now works in the field of sexual health. A beautiful bisexual babe, she resides in Melbourne with her spouse and child-creature. 

Meet Dr whom...

BA. BSc. MD.

Dr Whom recently completed her medical degree and now balances her time between saving people's lives and going on disappointing dates. When she's not providing insightful medical advice to Miss Smut Buttons, Dr Whom can usually be found avoiding buildings by trekking far into the wilderness where it is rumoured she has fist fights with wolves.  

Meet mr fox...

Mr Fox is a cisgendered, heterosexual, white male with a working penis. During the day he works in BusinessLand where he uses all of his privilege to contribute as little as possible to the world at large. When he's not exercising his heteronormativity he is the carer for a neurodivergent partner and a despotic feline. 

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Meet dr possum...

BSc (Hons), PhD

Dr Possum is an educated, bi-gendered, bisexual marsupial who graduated with their PhD in Chemistry in 2016 from RMIT University. They now live in Germany, where they are a parent to two fur-babies and regularly attend the kind of depraved, kinky events you'd expect from a mad scientist living in Germany. Dr Possum regularly applies their chemistry skills to critiquing cosmetics for legions of fans. 

Meet Dame pussington...

Dame Pussington is a neurodivergent, greyromantic, pansexual, professional sex worker and sex worker's rights advocate. She has been in the industry for over a decade now. Dame Pussington also manages to be one of the most empathetic humans in existence and a servant to two felines.