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Siri 2

Siri 2


Lay back and Lelo!

Siri will have you dancing on the ceiling in mere minutes! She's the world's first wireless music vibrator that's perfectly in tune with your body.

Featuring upgrades on the original Siri design, Siri 2 houses a powerful new motor with double the vibration strength and a brand new talent for music!

With 8 pre-set vibration patterns, inspired by classical, reggae, rumba, folk, hip hop, soul, techno, and jazz. The 9th setting is sound-responsive for whatever your heart (and loins) desire.

The Siri 2 features an all-new setting where the vibrations are controlled by sound – any sound, whether it’s your favourite playlist, your lover’s voice, singing, moaning, or music, it will vibrate to the tone and beat of any sound that’s near.

And if you're a bit of a diva yourself, Siri makes an exceptional vocal training tool! Providing targeted massages with a silky silicone tip, the original Siri became famous as a voice training device, and has since gained viral appeal for training the vocal chords of stage actors, singers and performers alike.


  • Sound Responsive
  • Great for your vocal chords
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fully rechargeable
  • 2 hours use on 1 charge
  • Silicone-covered tip
  • 100% body-safe silicone
  • Arrives in a luxury gift box with charger
  • 1-Year warranty included
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