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The Share

The Share

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If you're a vagina owner looking to fuck things with feeling, look no further than The Share. Whether you're aiming to make love to your fellow vagina owner, or planning on pegging a paramour, The Share is best way to both give and receive pleasure. If you're intimidated by the girth of the "active" part, don't be afraid; the stable base makes it suitable for harness use.

The short end is inserted vaginally into the partner playing an active role in lovemaking. The partner wearing the The Share is in complete control of the toy’s longer end by intuitively holding it with the pelvic muscles. The receiving partner will love the girth and length of the shaft, which was designed to feel just like an extension of the wearer’s body.

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  • Comfortable handling
  • Good hold
  • Vaginal and anal stimulation
  • Easy to insert
  • Pleasures the active and passive partner simultaneously
  • Scooped base provides hold without reducing necessary freedom of movement
  • Strong, natural shape
  • Suitable for harnesses
  • Hypoallergenic, body safe silicone
  • Active part: 10 cm
  • Passive part: 16 cm
  • Toy tip active part: 3.8 cm
  • Toy tip passive part: 3.5 cm
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