Smut Buttonssmut, welcome, sex

Welcome to Smut Buttons

Smut Buttonssmut, welcome, sex
Welcome to Smut Buttons

Sex, People. Sex.

eyebrow wiggle

Let’s talk about it.

Doing it, getting some.


Am I making you uncomfortable? Are you nervous? When I say sex, does it make you titter and giggle? Does it make you hot and flustered? Or maybe you’re just a little aroused?

What does sex mean to you?

Is it sweating entangled bodies engaged in a primal and animalistic act best left to an audience over the age of eighteen?

Or is it two consenting adults partaking in an endeavour as old as time itself – sole purpose, procreation?

Perhaps, for you, it’s seven leather-clad adults in a room scattered with sex toys and the sound of a whip cracking.



It’s about you.

It’s about your partners. 

It’s about health.

It’s about life in all its vast glory.

Sex is something to rejoice in.

It’s something to fantasise about.

It’s something to relish.

Everyone has had their own experiences, formed their own personal quirks and fetishes.

Just like everyone has their own sexual hang-ups, issues and baggage.



People – Sex is glorious and it’s something that effects us all, whether it’s through a lack of it, or the way we engage in it, sex is a massive part of our lives.

From sex workers to sex addicts, sex therapy to same sex relationships, sex is on our minds, on our lips and saturating our society. 

It’s nothing to be ashamed of! It’s something to contemplate, to decide where you stand on it.

Would you go to a sex workshop?

Should you be more aware of your sexual health?

How can you practice safer sex?

What’s your opinion? 

Tell me about sex!

Talk to me, tell me your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions.

Scream and rant and rave about your deepest, darkest fantasies.

Whisper in my ear, what do you really long for at night?

Run your fingers through my hair and tell me softly, how does it all make you feel?


Repress no longer!

Be not ashamed of your sexuality, your sex drive, your sexual desires.

Be open with your partner, with yourself, your children and society.

Talk about it!

Open up about the issues.

Let’s talk about sex trafficking, sex slaves and sexual harassment.

Let’s discuss sexual equality, sex changes and sex scandals!

Let’s put it all on the table, put it all out there for everyone to see.

Let’s decide here and now to be open and honest with each other.

People, Sex Sells.

I won’t lie to you.

But why does it sell?

Why will you buy a car from a half naked woman before you buy it off a 65 year old man in a suit?

Because it’s desirable!

Because we want it!

But most importantly, because we don’t tell anyone else that that’s what we’re really after.

No. Shhhh. It’s a big secret.


Does your husband like to look at naked women? No! Never! Of course not! Don’t be revolting.


Does your girlfriend pant over that guy in Marvel movies? Nah. She’s not into that sort of thing.


Do your parents have sex? Hell no! Well only once obviously. But no, they’d never do that.


It’s SEX people!

Laugh about it!

Love it!

Live it!

It’s Sex and the City, it’s celebrity sex tapes, it’s sexual performance, it’s…never mind the bollocks, it’s the Sex Pistols!


It’s time to open up!

It’s time to face the truth.

We’re sex obsessed and it’s only going to get worse until we accept that the whole sexual thing is okay to talk about.

We’re sexual creatures and we need to embrace that…and one another.

Let’s talk about sex ladies and gentlemen, I’ll start…


That is all.

You may go now.