Miss Smut Buttons
Miss Smut Buttons


At long last, Miss Smut Buttons is pleased to open the digital doors to her online store.


From restraints to wedges, these are the extras you've been missing. The icing on your cake. Take your pleasure to the next level. 

Anal Toys

From anal amateurs and butt stuff beginners through to prostate pros, we've got toys to satisfy everyone with an asshole and sense of adventure.

Clit Vibes

The Clitoris - the only part of human anatomy designed purely for pleasure. Get yourself, or a fellow clit owner, some good vibrations.


You've got the hole, and we've got the toys to fill it. Whether it's anal play or vaginal shenanigans, stock up on these phallic wonders today.


Enjoy your penis. Expand what you thought possible while flying solo. Let your dick live a little.

Vagina Toys

Working towards bigger and better orgasms? Or just wanting to give your vagina a gym session? We've got you covered with the best balls in the business.


From the rhythmic rumble of a rabbit, the subtle strokes of a Stronic, to a Gigi on your g-spot; diamonds are cute, but a quality vibrator will always be a vagina owner's best friend.


Everyone loves a good deal, especially your genitals! Whether they're end of the line, a special promotion or cause we're in a giving mood; take advantage of these prices and try something new.


Nothing like coming first. The newest and shiniest products we can get out hands on.

You won't find any nasty novelties, offensive product packaging, or manufacturers with shady business practices and even shadier materials. We only stock products we believe in. Which means providing high quality products designed to be body safe and pleasure inducing. If you'd like some guidance on making a purchase, or want to request a specific product, don't hesitate to contact Miss Smut Buttons.